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Used to measure the soundness of a sand and cement floor screed.

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The BRE Screed Tester is designed to measure the soundness of a sand and cement floor screed. The device consists of a 1m long, cylindrical guide rod, along which an annular weight of 4kg (or 2kg) travels when released. At the bottom of the guide rod the weight strikes the collar of a case-hardened steel anvil which transmits the impact to the surface of the screed.

Four successive impact blows on the same spot are sufficient to test the soundness of the screed. The depth of indentation is measured with an electric or mechanical depth gauge. At the end of taking readings, a number of statistical values are then calculated and printed from the data. Guidance is given on the use of the screed tester for testing floating screeds using a 2kg annular weight in place of the 4kg weight normally used.

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Drop weight (normal screeds): 4kg
Drop weight (floating screeds): 2kg
Drop height: 1000mm
Contact area of anvil: 500mm²
Overall dimensions of carrying case: 515x375x125mm
Weight of Brescreed tester in case: 11.75kg

  • Concrete half cell probe kit
  • Concrete half cell equipment
  • Concrete half cell in use
  • Concrete half cell in use

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